Video Podcast Guidelines

Thank you for joining us on the podcast! Please note, this will be a video as well as audio recording. To ensure the best quality appearance, we request you review these guidelines in advance of our recording session.

Your studio link (provided in your calendar invite) requires you download either the Google Chrome web browser or the smartphone app prior to our session.

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Put the camera at eye level by resting your laptop or smartphone on several books, ensure there’s minimal headroom at the top and that you’re looking into the camera, not at yourself on the screen


Avoid kitchens and other rooms with hard reflective surfaces like tile or hardwood. Bedrooms and dens with draperies, carpeting, and linen will provide a more natural sound by absorbing echo


Directly face a window for natural light or close draperies if the window is behind you. A lamp hidden on the floor behind you will help separate you from the background


Please note, we will be using a cloud-based recording system from which requires either the Google Chrome web browser running on your laptop or desktop computer, or a smartphone app. Please ensure one of the below options is installed and running prior to our recording session.

Questions? Technical difficulties?

Phone or text: (416) 648-8700