Iron Horses at Rest

[box type=”info”]Click-drag your mouse in the image to look around this panoramic photograph.[/box]  [dropcap2]The[/dropcap2]National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Canada is home to three iron horses of the 1930s. The plaques accompanying these beasts states they were the largest of their kind. So large, in fact, these 4-8-4 (4 small wheels up front, eight power train wheels, four small wheels in the back) were so heavy that they couldn’t travel on most routes….

Sony Party-Shot Automatic Photographer

Don’t be the “staff photographer” at your next party. Kris Abel introduces us to the Sony Party-Shot Automatic Photographer.

Paris at Night

Around the Natural History museum were dozens of kids riding skateboards and drinking beer. Drinking in public is permitted in Paris, however it is frowned upon as being “lower class” — if you can afford to drink on a patio, you do.