Today’s iFamily: Calendar Sharing

Get the family calendar off the refrigerator and into your iPhones and iPads. When one family member adds an item to the calendar, everyone else gets it — and if you permit it, they can add pop-up reminders and notes.

iPad Mini Rumour Roundup

I love tracking the rumours versus the reality when Apple launches a new product.

Poll: Testing the Reality Distortion Field

I’m (temporarily) abandoning my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S3. I want to see if this is truly an iPhone Killer. I’ll be blogging my experience  — I just need a title for the series. Diary of an iPhone Turncoat? Tales from the Android Side? What should I call it? Vote here or add your own suggested title in the comment section further down and I’ll include it in the official poll. @hainsworthtv “Stalking The…

RIM Survival Poll

Research in Motion stunned me yesterday when it announced the already delayed BlackBerry 10 handsets would be pushed-back into early 2013. A BNN viewer noted my surprise when Kim Parlee reported the news on my show: