2012 Geek Gadget Wish List

Many thanks to Brent Loucks (@650Brent) at News Talk 650 CKOM in Saskatoon for having me on the big show to talk about what I’m dreaming about for Christmas this year.

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TEAC LP-U200 USB Vinyl to MP3 Recorder

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you’ve got someone in your life who has stacks of wax sitting in boxes in the basement. For about $200 and the time, you can convert your vinyl to MP3 using the TEAC LP-U200. Pop a blank CD (or CD-rewritable) into the drive, drop the needle, and hit record. It automagically recognizes songs and creates new tracks on the CD. Once you’re done, pop it into your PC to import and label.

Lifeproof iPhone Case

This was recommended by a family member who dropped her iPhone in the toilet, leading to a costly (and gross) replacement. It’s waterproof. Shock proof. Drop things a lot? Get this.

iPad Mini

This is for people who already have an iPad but the spouse keeps stealing it. It’s far more portable, too, so it’s the go-to tablet for anyone who’s on the go.

Native Union Bluetooth iPhone Desk Phone

Smartphones are so damned small these days, they’re uncomfortable for long conversations. Not only does this charge your iPhone (and output the music via 1/8th jack), it’s a wireless handset that will certainly please Chatty Cathys.

AR. Drone 2.0 Parrot Quadricopter

This is the toy I really want but can’t justify the $300 price tag, particularly since I know it costs $250 to get a cherry picker to remove it from a tree. But if money was no object, the HD camera and iPhone cockpit-view controls make this a great gift. There’s even an augmented reality game that makes you a virtual laser gunner chasing other drones.

Michael is a Toronto-based broadcaster, technology enthusiast, amateur photographer, and secret agent.
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