Josh Sullivan, The 21st Century Hobo

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday’s kids would call him a couch surfer. My Dad’s generation would have called him a wander. And my grandfather would have called him a hobo.

You can call him Josh Sullivan. The 27 year old has ditched his day job to document the 52 weeks he’ll staying with 52 different people in 52 different cities. But he’s not just going to be sitting on their couches playing their xBoxes.

The artist is helping pay for his year long adventure by selling $10 painted light switch plates, subscriptions to his self-produced art magazine ($150/yr), and various illustrations he creates along the way. Despite the nomadic lifestyle, Sullivan is far from disconnected from the 21st century. He has a MySpace page, a Facebook account, and updates his status via Twitter, and posts videos to Youtube.

Before you write Josh Sullivan off as a total nerd for his high tech wanderlust, it’s clear from the following photos that he’s having a very. good. time.

Four of Sullivan's 52 "friends."
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  1. As a Grand Duke of Hobo’s, I applaud Sullivan’s soliloquy, even if he is a rubber-tire tramp and not a true hobo.

  2. Following your travels on Overnight American with John G. What an adventure – In the 1960s my oldest brother hitch-hiked from MN to Texas and back again – have to be VERY careful out there today.

  3. Josh is staying with us now on Cape Cod. We saw the Edward Gorey museum, looked for mollusks on the mudflats, and introduced him to D&D. He’s off again on Thursday… to Brooklyn, I think. It’s been a great week – we’d host him again happily!

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